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Tender smartly – how not to be a busy tendering fool

By September 2, 2019 No Comments

The quality of tenders is generally getting better and better.  In a boom economy companies tend to spend more on their tenders, as there are more contracts available to win, as organisations as spending more money on capital and operational projects. Make hay while the sun shines.  When an economy turns, tender competition is sometimes even tougher, as lucrative contracts become even more valuable to see out the recession and hopefully can lead to some years of stability.  The difference is that some firms can still win in good and bad times by spending a lot less on their tender process, and being a lot more successful.  We’ve seen these smart companies do very well.  How do they do it?  Our clients have used our TenderSmart methodology of tendering.  This is a benchmark for how much you should be spending on your tenders, and how you can manage this with the best chance of success.  We look at your ratio of tender specialists to salespeople, the amount of tenders you complete and win each year, what sector you are in and the growth of your sector and competitors in that sector.  Then we look at your positioning, the quality of your tenders and what type of pipeline of opportunities you can expect.  We then implement a TenderSmart programme, which is guaranteed to increase your success rate over the year.  If it doesn’t – you get money back and we get a bad reference – and this has never happened to us in 10 years.  To enquire about our TenderSmart programme, see www.tender2win.com

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