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At Tender 2 Win, we’ve helped companies win hundreds of millions of euro in new business with their tenders.  Our mantra is that a library of well-written, re-useable tender content makes you more efficient and more successful at tendering. Why waste time and money developing new answers to frequently asked questions, when they could be available and adapted based on your client’s requirements for each specific tender? It seems logical that well-written, up-to-date content will raise tender quality and as a result win rates will improve.

That’s why we have developed the Tender2Win template library.  We’ll help you develop tailored templates suitable for your business.  If you are an accountancy practice, it is inevitable that you will be asked about your proposed resources and your audit methodology.

Let’s make that a gold standard template for your firm that can be adapted each time.  If you’re a security company tendering to win a new client, it’s inevitable that you will be asked for a transition plan – we have lots of answers developed, let’s tailor it to your company so that we bring out the best in you and minimise risk to your future client.

We don’t copy and paste answers.  We don’t sell standard answers.

We look at your positioning, your competitors, your client’s requirements, etc. In fact, we make sure that we think of everything possible, and we tailor an answer with corresponding messages and graphics that best suits you and gets you the highest possible marks.  Yes, we are tender tailors!

Our tender templates will be tailor made for you.  We know this works, we have over 10 years’ experience and we have a huge amount of success in doing this with hundreds of companies.  To learn more about how you can buy gold standard tender templates at excellent value, please see www.tender2win.com

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