Transform Your Tenders
to Win More Business.

Tender2Win is a unique online tender improvement service, helping you transform your tenders, increase your win rates, and reduce the time spent.

  • Score – We evaluate your tender to increase your success rates

  • Smart – We provide workshops, training support and tailored template answers

  • Templates – We provide tailored template answers at short notice

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We’ve have worked with hundreds of companies in many countries helping them win competitive
tenders to achieve growth. Now we are sharing our resources with you
to help you improve your performance.

Are you unsure of how to improve your tender?

Are you frustrated at losing tenders that you could have won?

Do you need to improve your key messaging and give your tender a new look?

Do you want to know how your tender compares to your competitors?

Our team of experts will forensically evaluate your tender and give you a range of scores and recommendations for tender improvement.


Are you tendering and would like to find the most effective ways to improve your success rate?

Do you have a tendering team that could be more efficient and effective?

Are you submitting too many tenders that are not generating enough revenue for your business?

Would you like to find out different ways of improving your process and content?

Our team of experts will listen to your needs and prescribe the most appropriate TenderSmart programme for you and your business that will bring you to new levels of success.


Do you require immediate tender support for a live tender and need a speedy turnaround?

Do you require content to be written for your tender, workshops to help you define your strategy, or a tender manager to manager your large tender?

Do you need a range of graphics to be developed for your tender, to help you stand out from your competitors?

Our team of experts will always have availability to support you with that must-win tender.  We can also tailor template content for you very quickly, please see our range of tailored templates that we can develop for you.



Executive Summary Template

The Tender2Win template for an Executive Summary that will help you win your next Tender.

"There are two essential criteria required when submitting a tender 1. The interpretation and 2. The content. Sheena excelled on both. Sheena's attention to the minutiae was impressive bringing to our attention important details we may have either misinterpreted or missed . Patient and understanding of our needs I highly recommend Sheena when professional direction is required when submitting a tender."

Conor McDonald - Head of Sales, McGowan's Print

"The team at Tender2Win helped us win the ESB Smart Metering Contract, which replaces 2.4 million meters over 6 years throughout Ireland and worth € 1.1bn. We would strongly recommend their expertise to help win tenders."

KN Group

"Tender2Win helped the Eriugena Consortium to win a € 190m design build and facilities management contract. Their expert writing skills and range of support services ensured we were the preferred bidder."

Macquaire Capital (Europe) Ltd.

"Expleo have won contracts worth over € 50m as a result of tender templates developed by Tender2Win. Through the TenderSmart programme, we have improved our success rates with a much more efficient way of tendering."


"TenderScore gave us very concise feedback on our tender documents, and we had very clear roadmap for how to improve our success rates. We made those changes and embarked on the TenderSmart programme and have since won significant multi-million contracts."



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